Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Welcome to the Chartres Cathedral site, a jewel of Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site! Despite its fame, it still holds many mysteries that we invite you to discover now on your smartphone !


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Essential points about Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Not only is Chartres cathedral one of the greatest achievements in the history of architecture, it is almost perfectly preserved in its original design and details. It always stayed the same: a great triumph of Gothic art. The cathedral was added to Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites. Its stained glass windows cover 2600m² (10.76 sq.ft.), most of them dating from the 13th century and noticeable with their brightful blue colour, called "le bleu de Chartres".

Its construction took two centuries between the 12th and the 13th century, but the cathedral also combines Renaissance and the 18th century features.

The outside of the façade is remarkable, with its two towers, different in size and shape, whith one reaching 115m (377.29 ft). 

The diversity and quality of the sculptures (portals, statuary) are also a part of its reputation. Because Chartres cathedral stands on a hill, it could be seen 30 km (18.6 miles) around.

The cathedral is an important place of pilgrimage, centered on the Marian theme, with the relic of the Veil of the Virgin. 

It also shelters an ancient floor labyrinth perfectly preserved. Contrary to an antique labyrinth, its purpose isn't to lose its visitors, it is to guide them to God, through walking contemplation.

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The steps available

  • The main façade
  • The North Portal
  • The Flying Buttresses
  • The South Portal
  • The Royal Portal
  • The western Rose Window
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Choir and the Rose Windows
  • The Veil of the Virgin
  • The Chancel Screen
  • Notre Dame de la Belle Verrière
  • The nave

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